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Desktop computers have more power and more features. Desktop computers are easier, and less expensive, to upgrade. Desktop computers are generally less expensive overall and offer a better overall value. Desktop computers have a more comfortable keyboard and a much easier-to-use mouse

A desktop computer is a type of computer that stays in a single location. It is placed on the desk or table. It is not portable. A desktop computer is usually placed in-home or office. A desktop computer has a mouse, keyboard, and monitors attached to it. You can attach other hardware components to the desktop computer as well like printer, scanner, projector, TV cable, etc.

CPU is a central processing unit. CPU consists of a processor. An example of a processor is the Intel i7 processor. The CPU is placed in the CPU box. The CPU box comes in a tower shape so this computer is also known as a tower computer or tower PC. The tower is either in a horizontal shape or in a vertical shape.

Now you have little understanding of desktop computers so let me now come to the main topic and discuss some pros and cons of a desktop computer.

Advantages of desktop computer

  • Typing is done easily on a desktop computer because of the large keyboard.
  • The computer has high disk space so a lot of information can be stored on the PC.
  • Desktop computers are reliable. You can build an online business and rely on computers easily.
  • Presentations can be made easily on a desktop PC. You can make presentations with different software like MS PowerPoint.
  • Desktop computers need extra care like you have to clean them daily because they can catch dust easily.
  • These computers have a low maintenance cost. You can repair any part of a computer easily by going to the nearest computer shop.
  • Data is stored on online desktop computers that are also known as cloud storage. They can store website/app data and they provide data availability 24 hours.
  • You can attach a large monitor screen to a desktop computer also.
  • You can attach a gaming keyboard and mouse to the desktop PC and play games with hard hands also.
  • You can learn online by using your desktop computer.
  • Teachers and students can learn and improve their skills by using a desktop computer.
  • As you use a desktop computer in one place and do not carry it with you so it has fewer chances of theft.
  • The accuracy of computers is very high. If you provide raw data to the computer then it will give you precise results. The output of the computer is consistent also. The result of computer output is also error-free.
  • The speed of data transfer in the computer is high. You can transfer data from one computer to another computer within seconds. You can move data from a USB drive to a computer at a fast speed as well.
  • Desktop computers have more slots of RAM, graphics cards, GPU, and hard drives. You can add more hardware parts easily.
  • There is a lot of information available on the internet and by using a computer you can access and benefit from the information.
  • Complex mathematical calculations can be done easily by using a computer.
  • You can design your desktop computer according to your needs. If you require more disk space then you have to attach high storage hard drive and SSD drive. Similarly, you can add up RAM, and graphics cards according to your needs.
  • You can use a desktop PC for long hours also. They will not heat up in summer also. But if you compare this with laptops then you will need a charger for longer usage of the laptop. Laptops also heat up quickly.
  • Desktop computers have more life than laptops.
  • As desktop computers have high graphics so every type of gaming can be performed on this computer.
  • You can easily upgrade your PC. You can increase your RAM, hard drive, LED display, mouse, graphics chip, speakers, mic, or keyboard.
  • There is much-advanced software like AutoCAD, 3d Max, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Illustrator. Students can learn this advanced software and improve their skills and earn money also.
  • Tower computers or desktop computers are cheaper than laptops. Due to low cost, they are mostly used in offices, homes, and other commercial areas.
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