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Welcome to Bigtech Solutions Nairobi Kenya

We specialize in the sales, installation & maintenance of all kinds of surveillance CCTV cameras, wifi cameras, DVRs, cables, hard drives, connectors, power supply boxes, power adapters, power splitters, and other CCTV accessories.
Our prices are affordable as we are the major distributors in Kenya.

Benefits of surveillance CCTV Cameras for your Home, office, or business:

Ensuring that you have a robust and fit-for-purpose surveillance CCTV Camera system is essential to guarantee that your Home, Office Business, or site is protected. It also helps improve operations and efficiencies.

Some of the Major benefits;

  • Crime Prevention
  • Reduce Security Costs
  • Deterring Vandalism
  • Provides Camera Footage for Evidence
  • Handling Disputes
  • Monitoring Staff
  • Visibility of Entire Business Premises
  • Enhance Customer Services
  • Reduce Insurance Claims and Premiums
  • Peace of Mind

Remember, your safety and security are our number one priority.

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