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Why buy Bullet CCTV Cameras in Kenya

Bullet CCTV cameras are named for their distinct cylindrical shape, resembling a bullet. These cameras act as a visible deterrent and research has shown that the presence of bullet cameras makes a property less desirable to a criminal.

Where to find Bullet CCTV Cameras in Kenya

If you are looking where to buy Bullet CCTV Cameras, Bigtec Solutions are the top dealer.

Bullet security cameras are a type of video surveillance camera that is typically small and shaped like a rifle bullet shell or a lipstick case. Smaller bullet cameras are typically the diameter of a cigar, but they are shorter. Sometimes they are referred to as lipstick cameras. Bullet cameras can easily mount to ceilings or walls because most of them use a tri-axis type of mount. Not all bullet cameras are small. Infrared bullet cameras tend to be larger in diameter to accommodate the additional space that their IR LEDs require. The bullet cameras on this page use coax cables and BNC connectors. This includes including analog CCTV cameras, HD-over-Coax AHD cameras, and HD-TVI cameras. Some AHD and HD-TVI models are capable of 2mp / 1080p, 4mp, and 4K HD resolution, but require an AHD or TVI-compatible surveillance DVR. Please visit this page if you are looking for a bullet IP camera.

If you need a weatherproof bullet camera for an outdoor surveillance installation, CCTV Camera Pros recommends that you consider one of our infrared bullet cameras which also work well in low light and zero light applications. Our bullet IR cameras can also be used indoors. The BIPRO-540L4 Infrared Bullet Camera is one of our best-selling bullet IR cameras.

Advantages of Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet security cameras are known for their longer outside casing, giving these surveillance cameras a distinguished and noticeable presence. Due to this form factor, bullet surveillance cameras can typically house a larger lens, making them excellent outdoor cameras capable of providing higher levels of detail over greater distances. This also lends itself to extended night vision for larger outdoor areas such as parking lots and traffic intersections. In addition to the traditional form factor, there are also options for mini bullet cameras, which provide wider viewing angles for footage at a shorter distance.

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