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4 channels

Includes four IP Security Cameras and a 4K 4 channel NVR (network video recorder). Free apps so you can watch your security cameras wherever you are. World-class technical support included. A set of 4 channel DVR/NVR can allow you to have 4 individual security cameras connected to the system. This means you can record maximum 4 cameras. We recommend user to buy the video recorders with more channels, which means can allow user to expand the system in the future.

how many cameras are in a 4 channel NVR?

A 4 channel NVR can connect up to 4 IP cameras, which will provide good coverage for homes and small businesses.

How much data is required for 4 CCTV camera?

Essentially, CCTV storage varies broadly between the range of 6GB and 6TB. While 6GB – 60GB works well in the case of motion-based and low-resolution cameras, those with recording at higher resolution require 600GB – 6TB.

How does 4 cameras work?

A quad-cam setup simply means a four camera (with four lenses) setup on the rear of a mobile phone. A quad-cam setup comprises a primary camera lens, telephoto lens, ultra-wide-angle lens and a depth sensor. Each of these are designed to provide enhanced photographic capabilities

Advantages for Security Cameras

Deter Crime

As will be shown, security cameras can dissuade property damage while reducing crimes like trespassing and burglary. According to the FBI, property crime was 85% of all crimes in the United States during 2019, with around 7 million reported and documented. In a constant trend, that number in years prior had been consistently falling and reduced further in 2020. While various factors contribute to such a trend, the implementation of security camera systems undoubtedly has had an effect on preventing criminal activity like property crime. According to a study by UNC, outdoor security cameras reduce the chance of property crime by at least half. Furthermore, studies by Rutgers University and the Urban Institute have recorded surveillance reducing crime in areas they were installed. Such evidence proves that surveillance has an extensive effect by benefiting homes and businesses.

Monitor Scenarios and Activities

When away from the home or business, there might always be a worry that something might happen. Especially for parents, thoughts of your family’s condition or how your kids are doing with the babysitter might be weighing heavy on your mind. Surveillance, especially indoor security cameras, help to provide peace of mind when away from home by giving the mother or father the ability to make check-ups as frequently as needed. Furthermore, when you own a larger plot of land or multiple pieces of property, securing the perimeter or general location becomes much easier. Furthermore, modern software allows for phone alerts when a camera detects something unusual based on specific parameters.

Similarly, for business owners, the ability to regularly check up on daily business practices is a regular ability for those with security cameras. Such an ability allows managers and business owners to be offsite for whatever reason while regular staff can handle onsite work. Furthermore, managing parties can keep tabs on stock, customer interactions, and more even when away.

Gather Evidence

Having cameras installed in strategic places comes in handy when you need to monitor actions and words of people or during an event. Modern security cameras are not only equipped with high-quality video capabilities, but audio as well. The clear images coupled with flawless sound makes them more efficient than ever at recording a series of happenings.

This is particularly helpful when dealing with a legal scenario, wherein the eye witness may have forgotten a certain important detail or may be providing with an accurate account of what really transpired. With a security camera, the legal authorities can see the series of events as they really unfolded.

Arrive at the Right Decisions

Footage from security cameras can help you make correct and fair decisions when settling disputes, both in domestic as well as professional scenarios. Whether it is dealing with a situation involving disagreements within your family, among your employees, or between a customer and your service staff, your doubts can be laid to rest with the help of your camera.

Incorrect, inappropriate or fabricated claims made by customers or other authorities can be sorted out when you make your security camera your ally.

Maintain Records

Security cameras are an excellent option when looking to keep a record of the goings-on in or around a business. Also applicable for homes, surveillance easily monitors how events transpire, how accidents or unintended events may go, and can be used as a reference for future consideration. Businesses can use cameras to monitor incoming traffic, especially with the help of access control and security turnstiles, while homeowners can maintain a record of whom visit their property. Furthermore, as mentioned above in Pros 2 and 3, negative interactions, unfortunate accidents, or criminal activity can be recorded for the benefit of a legal team.

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