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This Amazing CCTV & IP Network camera Features a Spy Camera in Kenya That Can Capture Videos In Complete Darkness

Both CCTV and IP cameras are popularly known to be used for video surveillance.

While CCTV cameras operate an analog system that transmits video signals to a limited number of monitors or stores them in a local storage drive, IP cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

IP cameras can be accessed directly via a network connection instead of local availability only, as with CCTV.

They are both a significant evolution of security systems. Oftentimes, people use them for various reasons, which include the following:

  • Monitor intruders: Either in a business environment or homes, people desire privacy, and they want to have an idea of what everyone at their place is doing. The tool has repeatedly exposed unwanted and shady activities, thus reducing loss and enhancing security.
  • Record-keeping and evidence: With the ability to save up recorded videos in local or remote locations, you can always track events at your place for investigation purposes or otherwise. It is worth buying for every business with a physical space.

Where to Buy IP Network Cameras in Kenya

So, you’re considering getting one for your business or home? No problem, they’re available in Kenya and you can get them on Bigtech Solutions.

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