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Where to find Bridge in Kenya

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Advantages of bridge networking:

  • It reduces network traffic with minor segmentation.
  • It reduces collisions.
  • Bridge connects similar network types with different cabling.
  • Bridge increases the number of attached workstation and network segments.
  • It extends the physical network

Benefits or advantages of Bridges

It helps in extension of physical network.
It reduces network traffic with minor segmentation.
It creates separate collision domains. Hence it increases available bandwidth to individual nodes as fewer nodes share a collision domain.
It reduces collisions.
Some bridges connect networks having different architectures and media

A network bridge, or a layer 2 switch, connects two different local area networks (LAN) or segments of the same LAN. A bridge is used to segregate data by dividing it into two streams. This way it effectively reduces the traffic flow over a LAN. A bridge operates by determining whether incoming data (or traffic) is to be routed to a forwarding address or discarded. Packets of data received by the bridge carry the destination address, which is read by the bridge and deciphered accordingly. The three major types of network bridges include local bridges (to connect LANs), remote bridges (to connect LANs with a wide area network or a WAN) and wireless bridges (to connect remote networks with LANs).

Prevents Bandwidth Waste

A bridge managed incoming traffic and reduces bandwidth waste by preventing all unnecessary flow of data between network segments. This way it can effectively ensure the optimal performance on both sides of the network segment. A bridge can be thought of as the traffic police, controlling the flow of legitimate data and disallowing all unnecessary traffic through. Bandwidth waste creates unnecessary delays and slows down the performance of the network. A bridge therefore behaves as a bandwidth monitor, channelling relevant data and discarding scrap to increase bandwidth throughput. It can be thought of as a traffic shaping/managing firewall.

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