ASUS A32N1405 N551 G551 Internal Battery OEM

About ASUS A32N1405 Battery

Type: Li-ion



Color: Black

Compatible models: ASUS N551 N551J N551JX N551JK N551JM N751 N751JK G551 G58JK G771 G771JK G771JM G551J G551JK G551JM N551 N751 GL551 GL771 GL551JM GL551JM-DH71

KSh3,500.00 KSh4,000.00

ASUS A32N1405 N551 G551 Internal Battery OEM

ASUS A32N1405 N551 G551

ASUS A32N1405 N551 G551 Internal Battery OEM

About this item

Number of batteries :6 cells

Brand : Geo-marty

Unit count:1 count


Compatible Part number: A32N1405 A32NI405 0B110-00300000M, 0B110-00300000;ASUS G551 G551J G551JK G551JM G58JK G58JM G771 G771J G771JK G771JM G771JW; GL551JM-DH71 GL551JW-DS74 GL551JW-DS71 GL551JW-AH71;ASUS N551 N551J N551JK N551JM N551JN N551JQ N551JV N551JW N551JX N751 N751JK N751JK-T4160H, Rog GL771JW notebook

This laptop battery works :for Asus ASUS Rog G551 G551J G551JK G551JK-CN074H G551JK-CN280D G551JK-CN302H G551JK-DM053H G551JM G551JM-DM052H G551JM-DM053H G551JM-DM169H G551JM-DM197H G551JW G551JW-CN042H G551JW-CN080H G551JW-DS71 G551JW-DS71-CA G551JW-DS74G551JX G551JX-DM036H G551JX-DM198H G551JX-ES71 G551V G551VW G771 G771JK G771JM G771JM-DH71 G771JM-DH71-CA G771JM-QH71-CB G771JM-T4039D G771JW G771JW-T7028D G771JW-T7076H GL551 GL551J GL771 GL771J GL771JM GL551JM-DH71 GL551JW-DS74 GL551JW-DS71

100% Brand New High-Quality United States Shipments Low-voltage Protection Over-voltage Protection Over-load Protection Short-circuit Protection Over-temperature Protection

Certificate: CE-/RoHS-/FCC- Certified and Built-in circuit protection ensure both safety and stability.

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