ASUS Battery B21N1505 E402 Internal OEM

About ASUS Battery B21N1505 ;

  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 7.6V
  • Capacity: 32Wh
  • Compatible with Asus Laptop Models: E502S E502MA E502MA-XX0016D E502MA-XX0020H 0B200-01430600 0B200-01430600
  • Compatible Part Number: B21N1506 0b200-01400200M B21N1505 0B200-01430600 2ICP7/61/81

KSh6,700.00 KSh7,000.00

ASUS Battery B21N1505 E402 Internal OEM

ASUS Battery B21N1505 E402

ASUS Battery B21N1505 E402 Internal OEM

About this item

Battery Type : Li-ion

Voltage : 7.6V
Capacity : 32Wh
Color: Black
Product Type: Genuine Battery
Condition : Brand New
Replace Part Numbers:
ASUS Battery works for
B21N1505, 0B200-01400200M
Fit Laptop Models:
E402M,E402MA,E402MA2940 E402S,E402SA,E402SA3150,E502S,
certification: 100% New from Manufacturer, The battery have CE FCC Safety Certificate.
Battery care:
  1. Ensure you have switched off and disconnected  the machine from power before replacing the old battery with the new one
  2. Leave the battery to charge for the estimated hours before using the power
  3. when fully charged unplug from the power supply
  4. lower the screens brightness since this consumes power
  5. dont leave your battery to drain to 0%
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