ASUS GL552J Battery OEM

  • 100% safe to use battery
  • durable and can last several thousand charges.
  • when fully charged, it can power up your laptop for two hours on constant use.


ASUS GL552J Battery OEM

ASUS GL552J Battery

ASUS GL552J Battery OEM



Battery Type: Li-ion



Color: Black

Condition: New in a safe package

Replace Code :View Description

Package Included: 1*Battery

Brand Name: 7XINbox

Type: Li-Ion

Model Number: A41N1424

Battery Cells: 4 Cells

Compatible Brand: ASUS

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ASUS FZ50 Series: FZ50V FZ50VL FZ50VW FZ50VW-NS51 FZ50VX

Battery Voltage: 14.4V

Package: Yes

Compatible with :

ZX50 A41N1424

certification: CE, ROHS

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