Battery for HP TM2 OEM

Operative within a broad range of temperatures.
Low self-discharge rate.
Rapid re-charge capability.
Sealed batteries with no maintenance required.
Long cycle life.
Long shelf-life.

KSh3,500.00 KSh4,000.00

Battery for HP TM2 OEM

Battery for HP TM2

Battery for HP TM2 OEM

Product details

• We manufactures all of our Premium high performance Laptop Batteries & Laptop Charger’s with optimal performance and durability in mind.
• We use only the highest quality cells and Internal components to ensure the perfect fit and function without sacrificing quality or safety in the process.
• Our High performance Laptop Batteries & Laptop Charger’s are guaranteed to meet or exceed specifications.
• The easiest way of ensuring that your laptop performs at the optimum level is to make sure that you always fit parts.
• This store makes it easy for you to locate and purchase the products and have them delivered to your doorstep at your convenience.
• Our product is also supported by technical support if you are using it with your Laptop.

  • Our Product also ensures peak performance at all times.
  •  This unit gives you surge protection, over-current protection, voltage protection and over-temperature protection to keep your laptop operating and charging at the correct voltage.



Type: Li-ion
Size: 135.70 x 89.20 x 19.20 mm
Color: Black
Brand : Generic


• 1 x Replacement Laptop Battery


Weight (kg): 0.5
Main Material: PVC

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