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HP UK Keyboard Replacement 15-P

HP 15-P UK Keyboard Replacement. This keyboard is 100% compatible and guaranteed to work with your HP 15-P series laptop.

If you have a cracked or missing keyboard on your HP 15-pavillion laptop, this replacement is the perfect solution. It is a complete keyboard with a new key, so you will have no trouble inserting it into your HP 15-pavillion laptop.

High-quality replacement keyboards that are durable and authentic from Bigtech solutions.

please Contact Bigtech solutions for more information.

KSh4,000.00 KSh5,000.00

HP 15-P UK Keyboard Replacement

HP UK Keyboard Replacement

HP 15-P UK Keyboard Replacement

  • Brand New High Quality Replacement Keyboards Available for Use with Listed HP Laptop Models. Securely Packaged, Guaranteed to Be in Stock. 
  • Keyboard Features: Non-Backlit; Frame: Not Included; Colour: Black;

Keyboard Layout: UK Layout English QWERTY (Standard)

  • Please Do Not Purchase Keyboards Based on Part Numbers as Same Part Number Can Come in Different Layouts. Kindly Note If an Exact Keyboard Part Number Is Not Available in Stock We Will Be Supplying a 100% Compatible Part Number. Please Note That Some Keyboard Layouts May Differ. Please Check the Picture Carefully Prior to Purchase. Kindly Contact Us In Case Of Any Doubts.
  • Important Info: Please Check the Screw Holes for the Keyboard on the Reverse and Match It to Your Old Keyboard. If Some of the Keys or The Keyboard Itself Remains Unresponsive, Please Remove the Flex Cable and Insert It Securely. This Keyboard Can Be Used as a Replacement for Your Original Laptop Keyboard, If the Original Is Damaged or Broken. These Keyboards Are Very Easy to Fit, with No Soldering Required.
  • Please Note If a Laptop Bought in an Earlier Year, for Example Bought in 2007, the Keyboard Layout That You Receive Maybe Slightly Different today Owing to Regular Updates. Please Check Layout in the Picture. All Keyboards We Are Selling Are Replacement Parts for Different Brands.
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