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HP Pavilion DV3-4000 Keyboard Replacement

The HP Pavilion DV3-4000 Keyboard is the perfect replacement for your broken, damaged or worn out keyboard. This keyboard will make your HP Pavilion DV3-4000 laptop look like new again!

High-quality replacement keyboards that are durable and authentic from Bigtech solutions.

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KSh4,000.00 KSh5,000.00

HP Pavillion DV3-4000 Keyboard Replacement

HP Pavillion DV3-4000 Keyboard

HP Pavillion DV3-4000 Keyboard Replacement

Product Type OEM Replacement for HP

Colour Black
Fit for Part Numbers 596262-001

Compatible Model

HP G32 Series:

  • HP G32-205TX  G32-206TX
  • HP G32-301TX  G32-306TXHP

Presario CQ32 Series:

  • HP Presario CQ32-101TX  CQ32-105TX

HP Pavilion DV3-4000 Series:

  • HP Pavilion DV3-4001TX  DV3-4003TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4007TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4010SG  DV3-4010TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4019TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4020SP  DV3-4020TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4027TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4028TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4029TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4030TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4031TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4035TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4048TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4050EA
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4057TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4059TX

HP Pavilion DV3-4100 Series:

  • HP Pavilion DV3-4100SA
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4102TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4105TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4106TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4107TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4121TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4123TX
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4124TX
  • HP Pavilion dv3-4151sz

HP Pavilion DV3-4200 Series:
HP Pavilion DV3-4207TX  DV3-4208TX

HP Pavilion DV3-4300 Series:

  • HP Pavilion DV3-4300sa
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4302ea
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4303se
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4305se
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4310el  DV3-4310eo  DV3-4310st
  • HP Pavilion DV3-4320st

HP Touchsmart TM2-1000 Series :

  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1000EE  TM2-1001XX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1004TX  TM2-1005TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1007TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1010EE  TM2-1012TX  TM2-1013TX  TM2-1014TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1016TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1018TX  TM2-1019TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1020TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1070US
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1072NR  TM2-1073NR
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-1079CL

HP Touchsmart TM2-1100 Series :

HP Touchsmart TM2-2000 Series :

  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2001SL  TM2-2001TX  TM2-2001XX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2003TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2050US
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2052NR
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2057SB

HP Touchsmart TM2-2100 Series :

  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2106TX
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2150CA  TM2-2150US
  • HP Touchsmart TM2-2151NR
  • HP Touchsmart TM2T-1000 Series
  • HP Touchsmart TM2T-1100 Series
  • HP Touchsmart TM2T-2100 Series
  • HP Touchsmart TM2T-2200 Series Keyboard


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