HP PL02XL Pavillion Battery OEM

Sealed batteries with no maintenance required.
Long cycle life.
Long shelf-life.
Operative within a broad range of temperatures.
Low self-discharge rate.
Rapid re-charge capability.
High rate and power discharge capability


KSh5,500.00 KSh6,000.00

HP PL02XL Pavillion Battery OEM

HP PL02XL Battery OEM

HP PL02XL Pavillion Battery OEM



Voltage: 7.6V

Capacity: 29Wh

Number of Cells: 2 cells

Cell Type: Li-Polymer

Color: Black

Certification: CE and ROHS

Compatible Part Number:



– HP x360 310
– HP x360 310 G1
– HP Pavilion x360 11″: 11-n, 11-n000, 11-n000ea, 11-n000eb, 11-n000ed, 11-n000eh, 11-n000eia, 11-n000el, 11-n000eo, 11-n000ep, 11-n000er, 11-n000es, 11-n000na, 11-n000nc, 11-n000nf, 11-n000ni, 11-n000no, 11-n000nt, 11-n000nx, 11-n000sa, 11-n000sb, 11-n000sia, 11-n000sl, 11-n000sn, 11-n000so, 11-n000sr, 11-n001ea, 11-n001ed, 11-n001ee, 11-n001eia, 11-n001ej, 11-n001eo, 11-n001ep, 11-n001et, 11-n001ew, 11-n001na, 11-n001ng, 11-n001ni, 11-n001nia, 11-n001nk, 11-n001nl, 11-n001no, 11-n001np, 11-n001nv, 11-n001nx, 11-n001sa, 11-n001se, 11-n001sia, 11-n001sl, 11-n001st, 11-n001tu, 11-n001xx, 11-n002ej, 11-n002el, 11-n002ex, 11-n002ne, 11-n002ng, 11-n002ni, 11-n002nia, 11-n002np, 11-n002ns, 11-n002sx, 11-n002tu, 11-n003ec, 11-n003ex, 11-n003na, 11-n003ng, 11-n003nk, 11-n003ns, 11-n003sc, 11-n003sx, 11-n003tu, 11-n004ej, 11-n004na, 11-n004nv, 11-n004tu, 11-n005ej, 11-n005na, 11-n005ns, 11-n005nx, 11-n005tu, 11-n006na, 11-n006ns, 11-n006nx, 11-n006tu, 11-n007na, 11-n007ns, 11-n007tu, 11-n008sv, 11-n008tu, 11-n009tu, 11-n010dx, 11-n010ea, 11-n010eb, 11-n010en, 11-n010eo, 11-n010la, 11-n010na, 11-n010nc, 11-n010nf, 11-n010np, 11-n010nq, 11-n010nu, 11-n010nv, 11-n010nz, 11-n010sa, 11-n010sb, 11-n010sn, 11-n010tu, 11-n011dx, 11-n011ea, 11-n011ei, 11-n011eo, 11-n011la, 11-n011na, 11-n011nf, 11-n011np, 11-n011ns, 11-n011nz, 11-n011sa, 11-n011si, 11-n011tu, 11-n012dx, 11-n012ew, 11-n012na, 11-n012nf, 11-n012ns, 11-n012tu, 11-n013na, 11-n013tu, 11-n014na, 11-n014tu, 11-n015la, 11-n015tu, 11-n016tu, 11-n017tu, 11-n018tu, 11-n019tu, 11-n020eo, 11-n020na, 11-n020ne, 11-n020nl, 11-n020ns, 11-n020nx, 11-n020nz, 11-n020tu, 11-n021br, 11-n021nf, 11-n021nx, 11-n021tu, 11-n022br, 11-n022ne, 11-n022no, 11-n022nw, 11-n022nx, 11-n022tu, 11-n023nx, 11-n023tu, 11-n024nf, 11-n024tu, 11-n025br, 11-n025eo, 11-n025nf, 11-n025nx, 11-n025tu, 11-n026br, 11-n026tu, 11-n027tu, 11-n028tu, 11-n029nx, 11-n029tu, 11-n030ar, 11-n030ca, 11-n030no, 11-n030tu, 11-n031no, 11-n031tu, 11-n032ew, 11-n032nw, 11-n032tu, 11-n033tu, 11-n034tu, 11-n035no, 11-n035tu, 11-n036tu, 11-n037tu, 11-n038ca, 11-n038tu, 11-n039tu, 11-n040ca, 11-n040nb, 11-n040nd, 11-n040tu, 11-n041ca, 11-n041nb, 11-n041tu, 11-n042nb, 11-n042tu, 11-n043tu, 11-n044tu, 11-n045nd, 11-n045tu, 11-n046tu, 11-n047tu, 11-n050er, 11-n050nb, 11-n050nd, 11-n050sn, 11-n050sr, 11-n051er, 11-n051nb, 11-n051sr, 11-n052nb, 11-n055nd, 11-n055nr, 11-n056nr, 11-n060ur, 11-n061ur, 11-n070eg, 11-n070nb, 11-n070sg, 11-n071eg, 11-n071sg, 11-n072ng, 11-n073ng, 11-n075eg, 11-n075er, 11-n076eg, 11-n077ng, 11-n078ng, 11-n080eg, 11-n080na, 11-n080ng, 11-n080sg, 11-n081nd, 11-n081nf, 11-n083na, 11-n083nf, 11-n083sa, 11-n084na, 11-n084sa, 11-n085ng, 11-n087ng, 11-n088nf, 11-n089ng, 11-n098np, 11-n099nf, 11-n099np, 11-n100, 11-n100nf, 11-n100nq, 11-n100nt, 11-n100nx, 11-n101ne, 11-n101nx, 11-n102ne, 11-n102tu, 11-n103tu, 11-n106tu, 11-n107tu, 11-n108tu, 11-n109tu, 11-n110nc, 11-n110tu, 11-n111tu, 11-n112tu, 11-n113tu, 11-n114tu, 11-n115tu, 11-n116tu, 11-n117tu, 11-n118la, 11-n118tu, 11-n119tu, 11-n120tu, 11-n127br, 11-n130nc, 11-n130no, 11-n200, 11-n225br, 11-n226br, 11t-n, 11t-n000



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