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HP ProBook Keyboard Replacement 4320 FRAME

Replace a damaged or broken keyboard on your HP Probook 4320 FRAME laptop with this keyboard from Bigtech. This keyboard features the same layout and typing feel as the original and is compatible with your HP Probook 4320 FRAME laptop.


KSh4,000.00 KSh5,000.00

HP ProBook Keyboard Replacement

HP ProBook Keyboard Replacement


HP Probook 4320 FRAME Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard For

  • HP ProBook 4320S
  • 4321S
  • 4326S
  • 4325S
  • 4329S
  • 4320T
  • 599572-161
  • 605051-161
  • MP-09J46LA-920

With Black Frame Latin America LA

This product has been produced to replace the original keyboard that is built into the HP Probook 4320 FRAME laptop. The keyboard has been carefully tested and checked by our technicians and should fix any problems you have with the original keyboard that came with the laptop.

Our HP Probook 4320 FRAME is an original replacement assembly that is designed specifically for 4320 series Notebooks. This replacement keyboard is brand new and is available in black color.

This is a Keyboard Replacement For HP 4320 series Notebooks. Part Number: 440614-001 Color: Black It is used to replace the broken or defective keyboard, and make your device work properly.

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