Lenovo X240 10.8V 2200mAh Battery OEM

About Lenovo X240   battery

  • Voltage 11.4V
  • Capacity 24Wh\
  • Number of Cells 3 Cells
  • Cell Type Li-ion
  • Color Black

KSh3,500.00 KSh4,000.00

Lenovo X240 10.8V 2200mAh Battery OEM

Lenovo X240 10.8V 2200mAh

Lenovo X240 10.8V 2200mAh Battery OEM


Voltage :11.4V
Capacity :24Wh
Number of Cells :3 Cells
Cell Type :Li-ion
Color: Black

It meets and exceeds high priced OEM products, allowing you to power your computer with a superior quality battery for a fraction of the price!

Compatibilities: Laptop models: Lenovo ThinkPad T440s 20AQ, T440s 20AR, X240, Battery models: Lenovo 0C52862, 45N1135, 45N1137, 45N1134, 45N1136.

ThinkPad X240ThinkPad L450 20DS001YUSThinkPad L460 20FU0024USThinkPad T440 20B6005FUSThinkPad T440 20B60076USThinkPad T440 20B7008VUSThinkPad T440 70049ThinkPad T440 7004GThinkPad T440S 20AR000WUSThinkPad T440S 20AR001EUSThinkPad T440S 20AR003VUSThinkPad T450S

20BX000UThinkPad T470P 20J6003KUSThinkPad T470P 20J6003NUSThinkPad X240 20AL00BTThinkPad X240 20AM006KThinkPad X250 20CL0059USThinkPad X250 20CL00BMThinkPad X270 20HN001KUS
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