LenovoIBM T40/R50e Battery

About the product:

  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Cell Quantity: 6
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Compatibility: Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T43 T40 T41 T42 R51 R50e R52

KSh3,500.00 KSh4,000.00

LenovoIBM T40/R50e Battery

LENOVOIBM T40/R50e Battery


Lenovo T40 IB-T40-6 T42 Laptop Battery Nairobi, Kenya


Compatibility:  Lenovo T40 | IB-T40-6 | T42  Laptop Battery

Stay unplugged longer with this new Lenovo Laptop battery for Lenovo T40 | IB-T40-6 | T42.

It is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery but  also  replaces the original system battery or be used as a spare.

Battery life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including like  screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences but with proper management the life can elongate .

Fit model

ThinkPad T52 ThinkPad R51 ThinkPad T50 ThinkPad T51
ThinkPad R50-1829 ThinkPad R50-1830 ThinkPad R50E-1834 ThinkPad R50-1832
ThinkPad R50-1840 ThinkPad R50-2887 ThinkPad R50-2894 ThinkPad R50-1833

ThinkPad R50-1841 ThinkPad R50-2888 ThinkPad R50-2895 ThinkPad R50-1831
ThinkPad R50-1836 ThinkPad R50-2883 ThinkPad R50-2889 ThinkPad R50e-1845
ThinkPad R50e-1848 ThinkPad R50e-1858 ThinkPad R50e-1862 ThinkPad R50e-1846
ThinkPad R50e-1849 ThinkPad R50e-1859 ThinkPad R50e-1863 ThinkPad R50e-1844

fit model

ThinkPad R50e-1847 ThinkPad R50e-1850 ThinkPad R50e-1860 ThinkPad R50e-1870
ThinkPad R50p-1829 ThinkPad R50p-1832 ThinkPad R50p-1840 ThinkPad R50p-2887
ThinkPad R50p-2894 ThinkPad R50p-1830 ThinkPad R50p-1833 ThinkPad R50p-1841
ThinkPad R50p-2888 ThinkPad R50p-2895 ThinkPad R50p-1831 ThinkPad R50p-1836

ThinkPad R50p-2883 ThinkPad R50p-2889 ThinkPad R51-1829 ThinkPad R51-1833
ThinkPad R51-1840 ThinkPad R51-2894 ThinkPad R51-2895 ThinkPad R51-1832
ThinkPad R51e-1834 ThinkPad R51e-1845 ThinkPad R51e-1848 ThinkPad R51e-1858
ThinkPad R51e-1861 ThinkPad R51e-1870 ThinkPad R51e-1842 ThinkPad R51e-1846

ThinkPad R51e-1849 ThinkPad R51e-1859 ThinkPad R51e-1862 ThinkPad R51e-1844
ThinkPad R51e-1847 ThinkPad R51e-1850 ThinkPad R51e-1860 ThinkPad R51e-1863
ThinkPad R52-1843 ThinkPad R52-1862 ThinkPad R52-1844 ThinkPad R52-1850
ThinkPad R52-1863 ThinkPad R52-1845 ThinkPad R52-1870 ThinkPad T43-1871

ThinkPad T43-2668 ThinkPad R50E-1842 ThinkPad R51-1830 ThinkPad R51-1831
ThinkPad R51-1836 ThinkPad R51-2883 ThinkPad R51-2887 ThinkPad R51-2888
ThinkPad R51-2889 ThinkPad R52-1846 ThinkPad R52-1847 ThinkPad R52-1848
ThinkPad R52-1849 ThinkPad R52-1858 ThinkPad R52-1859 ThinkPad R52-1860

ThinkPad R52-1861 ThinkPad T40 ThinkPad T40-2373 ThinkPad T40-2374
ThinkPad T40p ThinkPad T41 ThinkPad T41p ThinkPad T42
ThinkPad T42P ThinkPad T43 ThinkPad T43-1876 ThinkPad T43P
ThinkPad T43P-2668 ThinkPad R50 ThinkPad R50e ThinkPad R50p
ThinkPad R51e ThinkPad R51p ThinkPad R52 ThinkPad R52p


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