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PA3689 Toshiba NB100 Battery OEM

Toshiba NB100 NB105 PA3689U PABAS155 PA3689 Battery purchase Notes:
When buying A Replacement Battery, please carefully compare your original battery against the new one. Always check the specifications

Compare the Battery Specifications
Check the battery Shape
Check the battery Mounts
Check the battery Part Number and Voltage
Check the battery Connection


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PA3689 Toshiba NB100 Battery OEM

PA3689 Toshiba NB100 Battery  OEM

PA3689 Toshiba NB100 Battery OEM



Product Type : PA3689 Toshiba NB100 replacement Battery

Cell Type :Li-ion

cell number :4 cells

Voltage :7.4V

Capacity :4400mAh

Color: Black

Compatible Part Number :PA3689U-1BAS PA3689U-1BRS PABAS155 PABAS156

PA3689 Toshiba NB100 Compatible Models: N270 PLL10E-00X00TEN NB100 NB100 mini
NB100 PA NB100NL NB100 PLL10E-00X00TENNB100-01E02H

NB100-01G NB100-10X NB100-10XPLL10E-00W00SGR
NB100-10Y NB100-111 NB100-11B

NB100-11G NB100-11J NB100-11R
NB100-11R PLL10E-00X00TEN NB100-127NB100-128

NB100-128PLL10E-010030EN NB100-12A NB100-12A PLL10E-013030EN
NB100-12H NB100-12M NB100-12N

NB100-12S NB100-12S PLL10E-01U02DCE NB100-139
NB100-A100B NB100-C02 NB100/H

NB100/HF NB105PLL10C-01G02U


Certification: CE certified

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