Hp Elitebook 2570p


Featuring a refined design, the EliteBook 2570p is a powerful and reliable laptop that’s perfect for business users.

Sleek and stylish. very beautifully designed.

This ultra-portable laptop delivers on the promise of an elegantly designed PC that’s light enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to keep up with you—and built to last.

  • Make: HP
  • Model number: EliteBook 2570p
  • OS: Windows 10 pro
  • Screen size: 12.5″ screen
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage:320GB HDD
  • Processor: Core i5


Hp Elitebook 2570p

Hp Elitebook 2570p

Hp Elitebook 2570p


The 12.5-inch 2570p is an evolutionary update to the 2560p designed for traveling business professionals. The 2570p was the smallest full-featured notebook in the EliteBook family (only recently bested by the 11.6-inch EliteBook 2170p) and thanks to HP’s DuraCase technology this notebook will survive bangs, scratches, bumps, and falls that would usually result in display cracks, broken hinges, and hard drive data loss.

The chassis has a hard magnesium alloy as a sturdy support structure and is made to protect the top and bottom of the notebook against the elements. The display is layered in magnesium and then covered in an anodized aluminum sheet. HP points out that this construction is “50 percent stronger than magnesium alone.”

The palm rests are brushed with an aluminum finish that helps prevent against scratches, and the display’s hinges are made of metal alloy with steel pin axels. HP has tested the hinges withstanding power, stating that the notebook can be opened and closed ten times every day for a total of six years or 25,000 cycles. It’s quite impressive that the notebook still weighs in at 3.68 pounds with all of this added material and layering.

When pressing down in the middle of the keyboard, the notebook does not flex under pressure; nor do the palm rests. The display lid is similarly firm even though the outside screen surrounds are plastic. The entire bottom outside casing is also plastic but doesn’t feel poorly constructed.

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Core i5

RAM Type


RAM Capacity

4 GB

Operating System

Windows 10

Hard Disk Capacity


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