Quality Electric Fence Installation In Kenya

Increased Installation of Electric Fences in Kenya 

Electric fence installation is gaining popularity and applicability as many people enhance security around their homes, farms, premises and properties. It makes sense to consider quality fence installation to restrict access to your premises by burglars, strangers and trespassers who, if not prohibited, become a nuisance to your right to privacy.

Electric fences can provide safe and secure boundaries for temporal, semi-permanent and permanent premises and structures more cost-effectively than conventional fences. They are a physical barrier based on the psychology principle.  As a robust, reliable and proven barrier, an erected electric fence helps keep wildlife, burglars, intruders, trespassers and idlers away from your premises and other restricted areas. The complex nature of electric fences makes them formidable and valuable in various residential and commercial applications.

Electric fences can be installed on an existing perimeter wall (palisade), on top of walls or as a stand-alone fence (free-standing fence). The electric fence in Kenya can be installed in industrial complexes, housing estates, farms, residential homes, warehouses, military facilities and government facilities with restricted access.

Based on the many inquiries on Electric Fences and Electric Fence installation in Kenya, BigTech Solutions has realized the need to provide solutions to those needing information and how best to secure their homes, farms and business premises.

Types of Electric Fencing to Consider

Electric fencing in Kenya can be something other than a high-cost project, as many perceive it. There are three types of electric fencing, each with cost implications for installation.

Electric fence installation
Electric Fence Installation

1. Permanent Electric Fencing

If you are considering setting up and installing an electric fence system that will stay intact for a long time, permanent electric fencing is the best option.  Once established in a given area or premises, it is trouble-free and low maintenance for many years. Such a fencing option requires a combination of wooden, fibreglass, metallic posts and high-tensile wooden wire.

The equipment required for this kind of electric fencing includes:

  • Post insulators
  • End strain insulators
  • Earth Stakes
  • Energizer
  • Electrified gates
  • Joint clamps
  • Wire tensioners
  • Wooden, metal or fibreglass posts
  • Wire.

2. Off conventional Electric Fencing

It consists of an electric fence wire placed a small distance from the existing timber or wire mesh fence. Such fencing prevents wild or domestic animals like cattle from rubbing or pushing against the original fence line. It helps to extend the working life of the original life, which could be compromised if tampered with and put under pressure from the animals and other activities. Off-conventional electric fencing is also a more cost-effective way to feed an electric current around the farm or enclosed area to more distant locations.

Equipment required for this kind of electric fencing includes:

  • Wire
  • Wire tensioners
  • End strain insulators
  • Line post insulators
  • Offset brackets
  • Energizer
  • Earth Stakes.

3. Temporary Electric Fencing

Such type of fencing is designed to be lightweight and easily transportable. Temporal electric fencing, for example, allows large tracks of land to be broken up into sections and serve as paddocks for livestock. The fence can be moved and re-erected quickly using modern technology and equipment.

For livestock on ranches and farms, temporary electric fencing allows stocking density. The number of animals per hectare can be adjusted to control the grazing pressure

Some of the equipment needed for temporal electric fencing include:

  • Earth stakes
  • Reel and reel post
  • Energizer
  • Steel wire or poly-wire
  • UV-protected posts / plastic posts
  • Portable fencing posts, including anchor posts
  • Insulators

Benefits of Working with BigTech Solutions on your Electric Fence needs

Flexibility and Practicability

The various systems available at Bigtech Solutions allow you to design the fencing you need for your premises, whether a permanent, semi-permanent or portable application to work in most environments or geographical conditions.

Affordability and Pocket-friendly Budget Consideration

Most people have a wrong perception that electric fence purchasing and installation is an expensive affair. At BigTech Solutions, we carefully consider many factors and advise you on how to be cost-effective by considering the best options available. Barbed wire, wood posts, and material use on site all have different implications budget-wise and in the effectiveness of achieving the desired goals.

Durability and Electric Fence Reliability

At BigTech Solutions, we consider high-quality electric fence material suppliers to our customers. Electric fences are not subjected to the same abuse, pressure and challenges as conventional fences and physical barriers. As such, electric fences guarantee a significantly extended service life of use. Old electric fences are equally helpful even in their extended life, with crucial parts replaced and adequately maintained.

Over the years, electric fences have been shown and proven to enhance security, contain domestic and wild animals and keep intruders at bay. The wall is well respected and revered by even the most naughty and rogue of robbers and wild animals; hence wise to invest in one and get much-needed peace of mind.

Our technical staff at BigTech Solutions is aware of these facts. We emphasise the need for proper maintenance of the electric fences to ensure your fence is reliable and delivers the desired security on your premises as expected.

Our Technical staff’s commitment towards Proper Electric fence Maintenance

Purchasing and successfully installing an electric fence is commendable. Maintenance of the electric fence is critical towards enabling it consistently play its role in enhancing security in your home, business premises or farm. Our staff will keep in touch and be a call away to help you ensure the electric fence keeps functioning and provide necessary interventions. Considering the electric fence consists of different parts dependent on each other, regular checks, replacement and anticipating possible problems to rectify is essential.

Electric Fence Installation

Electric fence installation requires an experienced, competent technician with the tools and equipment to fix it right. The electric fence consists of various components that must be fixed and made to work together as a security system.

 Our Electric Fence installations include the following components:

  • Posts that hold the conductors together.
  • Conductors which help carry the electrical pulse throughout the fence.
  • Energizer is the power source (powered by batteries or an electrical outlet to your premises) that supplies high voltage to the installed electric fence.
  • Insulators prevent the conductors from touching the ground or other objects that could interfere with the electrical pulse (made of plastic or ceramic material).
  • Warning signs are used to alert pedestrians and people in the area of the live electric fence. To the presence of an electric fence; hence the need to stay clear.

Once we get your contacts through call, email, or visit BigTech Solutions physical shop in Nairobi CBD, our technical personnel will take it up to understand your need, simplify the process, organize a site survey, develop a quote and plan for the electric fence installation.

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