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8 Factors to Consider when buying CCTV Security System for Office Installation.

Running a successful business requires a lot of commitment, consistency, and resilience. Much time and effort, besides resources, are invested in various businesses for Security System for Office 

As much as possible, the issue around risk should be factored in at all times by the management. Risks should be mitigated as much as possible, considering the many factors that make businesses vulnerable. 

Installing a CCTV security system in the office or business complex is both necessary and essential to reduce risks associated with losses such as burglary, break-ins, and acts by rogue members of staff.

CCTV Security System

Thus, choosing the right security camera system for installation is important for your business. There are 7 key factors you need to consider when contemplating the same.

The Size of the Area to be Covered

A large office in a high-rise building, small office downtown, and offices in their own compound in suburbs all require a different approach as far as camera installation is concerned. PTZ cameras are best suited for larger areas due to their ability o focus on wide areas and zoom in. As such, lesser cameras per area would be installed, compared to other cameras with lesser capabilities. Bullet cameras tend to be static and limited. One should have a mix and match in the CCTV security system set-up.

The Level of Discretion

Some cameras are conspicuously large and when installed, they make it clear ‘Big Brother is watching. Although this is a necessary measure to minimize risks associated with certain unethical behavior and vices at the workplace, it makes other people uncomfortable as invades their privacy.  

Discrete CCTV cameras such as the Bulb Camera, Fish Eye, or spy cameras are ideal in case you wish to monitor events without necessarily raising unnecessary attention.

Indoor or Outdoor Installation?

You have to factor in where the CCTV security system would be installed. Indoors areas have different dynamics compared to outdoor areas.  Weather elements such as rain, sunlight, debris, and temperature changes would require cameras that are properly housed and well-mounted to be fully functional.

PTZ Camera-CCTV Security System

Indoor cameras, whilst protected from the external environment have to be efficient in a more controlled environment. They need to have a sharper focus on images and the mounting should be such that there is the least obstruction possible.

4. Audio Integration

Audio integration in CCTV Security Systems enables 2-way communication between those manning the system and those being monitored. This is helpful too in that live recording can be made, set alarms triggered off and important audio-visual evidence gathered.

The Quality and Clarity of Recorded Video

High-resolution cameras suit outdoors and high activity areas such as supermarkets, lobbies where the probability of theft or burglary is high. For smaller and simple offices, low-resolution cameras could be installed. The small spaces make it simpler to monitor activities, compared to larger areas characterized by high activity and traffic. A wholesome CCTV Security System for Office should have a balance of these many delicate parts fitting into a whole, as-needed security solution.

Effects of Lighting of Camera Functionality

The focus of cameras is greatly affected by lighting. Better lighting enables more effective image capture and video recording. As such, when installing the cameras, the direction of direct light, light reflection from the windows and artificial light such as flood or security light determine the camera placement. IR on cameras ensures they record events both during the day and at night.

Future Plans on Camera Installation on the Business Premises

You may have a limited budget, hence be limited in the purchase and installation of cameras. You may opt for more channels DVR or choose IP cameras and NVR. IP cameras connected to a network enable easy scaling up, with no wiring involved or tedious, costly updates.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of CCTV Security Systems Installation

You have to consider the short-term and long-term benefits of installing the security system against the cost. Is it worth it? At the business place, the cameras reduce chances and frequency of theft, gather evidence on incidences, and enable better monitoring of certain wrong tendencies. 

Assurance of safety at work and property is useful to both the staff and management. Also, important data is recorded through the camera such as staff entry and exit from the premises, useful insights on customers, and ways to improve customer experience.

When you weigh these benefits against the cost of installation of the CCTV Camera systems and their maintenance, you would be in a better position to determine how best to go about it.


In a world that is ever-changing, security systems provide a great option to you as a business owner to man your office and improve surveillance. A.I is making it more effective and manageable to operate remotely, detect abnormal issues and analyse data for your benefit. 

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