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Breathtaking Walk-through BigTech Solutions’ Journey (Part 1)

Who are BigTech Solutions?

Bigtech Solutions Ltd is a wholesale and retail business enterprise, based on Munyu Road, off Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi. We sell laptops, desktops, accessories and CCTV Cameras. We take pride in serving our esteemed customers who seek quality for value in the range of products we offer.

bigtech solutions
BigTech Solutions Signage along Munyu Road, off Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi.

The business has expanded over the years to enjoy a countrywide reach. We have customers countrywide who engage with us, either reaching our retail shop for their products or give instructions to get their ordered and paid for products delivered to preferred destinations.

The Early Days

In 2010, after years of hustling and learning the trade, the founder of BigTech Solutions then gained the courage and confidence to commence business. Armed with a few phone accessories in a rucksack downtown in a small stall, JohnCollins Muchiri put his entrepreneurship skills to test.

It was tough, but worth every minute! Slowly, Muchiri established a strong network of customers and business clientele who found him resourceful, reliable and dependable. The rest is history…

Building the Brand.

Building a brand is tough. It requires focus, patience, consistency and investment to reap the benefits in the long term. BigTech Solutions has gone through the test of time to become a visible, recognizable and preferable brand in Kenya.

Inset: Mr. JC Muchiri, Founder of BigTech Solutions.

Located on the busy Munyu Road off Luthuli Avenue, you will not miss the well-branded Shop No.1 in Nairobi Textile Building. Other than a strategic location, great customer service through a knowledgeable workforce on laptops, security cameras and accessories, BigTech Solutions leverages on connecting with customers regarding their specific needs.

bigtech solutions
BigTech Solutions Shop Front.

Retail Industry & Market Knowledge

To succeed in any business endeavor, you need to have certain competencies upon which you leverage on. BigTech have benefited from well-done market research, building a niche target market, and enviable reliability in supplying quality products at affordable prices.

Deep retail market knowledge and a wide customer base have enabled the business to survive and thrive even as competition folded up or scaled-down business.

The Road Ahead…

The business environment is changing. Advancing technology, stiff competition coupled with emerging issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic brings about the need to change business approach and operations.

At BigTech, establishing our e-commerce website and social media platforms has enabled better customer connections and engagements. Digital marketing has brought about new challenges as well as opportunities that we’re fully focused on exploiting.


Endless opportunities are lying on the journey ahead. As BigTech Solutions tagline goes, ‘Empowered by Innovation’, we seek to maximize on the strong brand name, wide customer base and leverage on technology to forge the way ahead. As we grow, we seek like-minded partners whom we can partner with and work on win-win situations with one focus: delivering value to our esteemed customers.

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