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Top Five Modern Electronic Devices You May Need

You may have come across devices that you have never seen before. Some of these devices play a huge role in making your work easier, more effective, or even providing solutions to problems that have never been solved before. In this article, we will talk about top five modern electronic devices you may need and can find in Kenya.

  1. This itsy Digital Camera Could Fit On a Computer Chip.
modern electronic devices kenya - Bigtech Solutions

It is portable that you can hold on a single finger and it is capable of taking 2-megapixel images.

Its mini 200mA battery provides around 90 minutes of usage time and takes about 3 hours to recharge. The entire kit weighs in at a tiny 10 grams and it includes a micro SD card. 

Given its size, you will not be able to view images on the camera itself – after all, there is no mini screen. To view images/videos taken, users need to remove the SD card to view on a computer or other card reader.

2. Intel’s Credit Card-sized Computer Is The World’s Smallest Computer.

modern electronic devices kenya - Bigtech Solutions
Image: intel

Intel went one-step further with their answer to creating technology that can fit on a computer chip with their, This device is an entire computer into no bigger than a credit card.

Incredibly, all these features fit within a device 95mm long by55mm wide by 5mm thickThat is just a little bigger than a credit card. 


modern electronic devices kenya - Bigtech Solutions

Scanmarker is the very definition of a useful gadget. Small enough to fit into your pocket.

This amazing invention lets you transfer printed text to your computer with a slide of the pen. The simple design means that processing speed is enhanced. Rather than transferring a scanned image, Scanmarker transfers it to printed text. You are then able to edit the printed text as you wish.

4. This Finger Tip Tape Measure Might Come in Handy

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An interesting device that could fit on a computer chip is this . You have probably found yourself using your fingers to ‘guesstimate’ small distances at some point but this small device will actually give an accurate measurement.

As you move your thumb and index finger apart or closer together, a digital distance measurement is displayed on one of the finge can also be stored for future reference.

Each finger is made of silicon and is marketed as being able to fit any finger size. Once worn, they are ideal for measuring lengths, breadths, and even volumes. 

5. The Game Boy Micro Was the Last of the Game Boys

Nintendo Game Boy - bigtech solutions
image: wikipedia

That was Nintendo’s answer to the call for tiny computer chip-sized tech. It measures in at 5 centimeters wide and weighs in at a paltry 85 grams.

Released in2005, it was later discontinued by Nintendo in 2008, but you can still find it on sites like Amazon and eBay. 

Nintendo released the Micro as a compact redesign of its classic Game Boy Advance and it would be the last in the line of Game Boys. Unlike its entire predecessor Game Boys, the Micro lacked any form of backward compatibility of games that had become a hallmark of it.

Now that we have the top five modern electronic devices you may need in Kenya, let’s talk about who we are.

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