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Where to buy Electric Fence Security Systems in Kenya

If you need to buy Electric Fence Security Systems in Kenya Bigtec Solution is the Top Dealer.

What is an Electric Fence Security System?

An Electric Fence Security System is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter people and/or other animals from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death.

Electric Fence Security Systems delivers a short, safe, and memorable shock to create a psychological as well as a physical barrier. Animals remember and develop respect for the fence, which also means less animal hide and pelt damage.

Benefits of Electric Fence Security Systems

Low cost of an Electric Fence Security System.

An Electric Fence Security System can perform the same task as a conventional fence using much less material. Depending on the length of the fence where the cost of the energizer may be spread over, this type of fencing generally proves to be cheaper than standard stock fencing.

Easy to build

Lower wire tension and generally lighter construction make much quicker and easier construction, especially in difficult terrain. No special ability is required to make it suitable for DIY. No specialist knowledge is required and an electrician is not necessary. As long as a few simple rules are followed an effective fence may be erected by the householder.


Electric Fence Security Systems are not subjected to the same physical pressure from animals, and can therefore be expected to have a greatly extended service life. The life of old stock fences can be considerably extended using an electric fencing outrigger.

Universal application

Experience worldwide has shown that Electric Fence Security Systems will contain all types of animals. This includes Elephants, bears, walruses, hippos,s, and even snails. Educated stock develops greater respect for electric fencing than for any other type of fence.


There is no quicker or easier way to effectively subdivide a paddock for controlled grazing than with an Electric Fence Security System. Electric Fence Security Systems are frequently moved on a daily or even hourly basis with high-density grazing or on dairy farms.

Low maintenance

Once your Electric Fence Security system is properly installed and your stock is trained, the maintenance requirements of electric fencing are a little different from conventional fences. A daily check on the voltage will highlight any problems with a periodic inspection of vegetation approaching the fence lines.

Less stock damage

The Electric Fence Security Systems from your electric fence cause no physical damage to hides and pelts. If your stock is forced through the fence by veld fires or dogs, they are at less risk than with a conventional barbed wire stock fence tearing the hide to shreds and incurring vet bills.

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