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Where to find Exit Buttons in Kenya

If you are looking for where to buy Exit Buttons, Bigtec Solutions are the top dealer.

They provide a way for users to move away from a current experience and into a different one. Exit points can be buttons, links, or other elements that are easy to find and use.

What is the exit button do?

Often exit buttons are required from within a building or gate so that there is a way of exiting a building that is secured using electric locking or an automatic door/gate.

Exit buttons are suitable for use in electronic locking solution which needs to provide a free exit option on the door. The exit push button can be used on fire doors, gates, or anywhere you can install an access control system. It can be used as exit devices in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

How Does the Exit Push Button Work?

The push-to-exit button is connected to the access control application, which controls the locking mechanism of the door, using wires. Any individual that needs to exit the building or pass through the door simply has to push or press the button.

When pushed, it momentarily releases the fail-secure or fail-safe lock of the door. The exit button releases power to the magnetic lock. With this, the door automatically releases and allows a free exit. The lock will disengage, thus, opening the door as required.

 Push-to-exit buttons mainly come in two types:

Regular wall-mount push-to-exit buttons

Motion sensors to trigger the door to unlock

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