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Time and Attendance Systems

What are time and attendance systems?

Time and attendance systems are software programs or even physical devices that track employee hours. They can be used to record the start and end time of each shift, as well as how many hours an employee has worked. Some systems even allow businesses to track absences and tardiness.

Increased accuracy and efficiency in time tracking. Time and attendance systems automate the time-tracking process, thereby reducing the chances of error.

Easier management of employee hours.

Improved communication among employees.

Increased accountability among employees.

The key features offered by time and attendance systems vary depending on the system, but most systems offer some or all of the following:

Clock in/out times

Total hours worked

Overtime hours worked

Paid time off (PTO) accrual


Types of Time and attendance systems

As with any digital workflow tool, time and attendance systems come in different shapes and sizes. There are four main types of time and attendance systems:

Web-based or cloud-based time and attendance systems

Installed or locally hosted time and attendance systems

Standalone time clocks

Mobile time tracking apps

Benefits of using time and attendance systems

Many businesses find that time and attendance systems are essential in order to effectively manage employee hours. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that time and attendance systems offer businesses:

Increased accuracy and efficiency in time tracking

Time and attendance systems automate the time-tracking process, thereby reducing the chances of error. Moreover, employees can easily clock in and out using these systems, which speeds up the process of recording employee hours.

Time tracking is far more accurate when done electronically as opposed to manually. Automating the process, time and attendance systems help businesses maintain accuracy in time tracking, which can be essential for budgeting and payroll purposes.

Easier management of employee hours

Managing the schedules of many employees can be a daunting task. Time and attendance systems make it easy for business owners to track employee hours, view schedules, and make changes as needed. This can help businesses ensure that employees are working the appropriate number of hours and that they are properly compensated for their time.

Improved communication among employees

Not only do these systems make it easy for employers to track employee hours, but they also help employees keep track of each other’s schedules. This can be helpful for coordinating shift changes and ensuring that everyone is aware of when they are working.

Increased accountability among employees

Time and attendance systems also help to hold employees accountable for their time. By tracking the hours that employees work, these systems make it easy to identify employees who are slacking off or working fewer hours than they should be.

These benefits are incredibly useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes; however, they can only be accessed if businesses know how to properly implement and use their system.

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