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Where to Buy Locks in Kenya

If you need to buy Locks, Then Bigtec Solutions is the Top Dealer in Kenya

In a smart home, smart locks allow a homeowner to enter their home or provide others access without requiring a traditional key. Instead, the user uses their smartphone or a key fob to wirelessly verify and mechanically unlock the door.

Benefits of Smart Door Locks & Handles

Easy Access

Installing smart locks on your home’s exterior doors means you do not need to dig your keys out of your purse or pocket to enter your home. Instead, you can enter a code on the number panel, use your fingerprint or use your phone to unlock the door. Some smart locks can even be programmed with proximity detectors so that the door automatically unlocks as you approach it.

Smart locks are an excellent option for those who have mobility issues. This includes the elderly, those with Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy, individuals who have an arthritic condition, and those who have repetitive motion injuries, like carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, that make twisting the wrist and hand difficult.

Get Notifications About Your Doors

Adding smart locks to your home means you’ll get notifications about your doors on your cell phone. These notifications can include any time a door is opened, who opened the door if you’ve assigned separate entry codes, and if a door was left unlocked or open. This is extremely helpful if you want to know who’s entering and exiting your home and when your children arrive home from school if they take the bus or get rides home from their friends.

Create e-Keys Instead of Duplicate Keys

If you often find that guests and visitors spend excessive time waiting for you to get home, you can solve that problem by creating an e-Key that you can send to someone else’s phone so that they can unlock the door. This is helpful if you have a dog walker that needs to get into your home to get your dog, a housekeeper, friends, and family that simply arrived early to dinner while you were out getting a few last-minute items.

Improved Home Security

How do you currently handle the potential of being locked out of your house? For some homeowners, that might mean giving a neighbor a duplicate key to your home or hiding a key under the mat, in the mailbox, or inside a flower pot. Handing out duplicate keys to neighbors and hiding them in your yard can leave you open to burglaries if someone accidentally finds a key and decides to act unscrupulous.

Adding smart locks to your home means you do not have to hide keys all over your property and give them out to relatives or neighbors for safekeeping. It also means that your lock is harder to pick, especially if you purchase smart locks without visible keyholes.

Remote Access

If you forgot to lock your doors or need to let someone into your home while you’re at work or running errands, you can unlock your doors from your phone. This remote access feature means you don’t have to send a virtual key to a random delivery person, contractor, or maid. Instead, they can text you when they arrive so that you can unlock the door. Then, when they notify you that they are leaving, you can relock the doors.

Home Automation

Your smart lock can help control other aspects of your home if you have a smart system. For example, once you unlock the door, that can trigger the lights to come on, the temperature in the home to decrease or increase, and the security alarm to turn off. If you’re leaving your home for the day, locking the door might arm the security system and turn on the cameras.

Keep Track of Your Home While on Vacation or Monitor Your Vacation Home

If you still have people that come to your home while you’re on vacation or have a vacation home that you use a few times a year or rent out, you can better keep track of your dwellings. This is especially helpful if you have people who come in to help you with certain tasks, like a gardener, maid, dog walker, or maintenance man.

With a smart lock, you can track who opens the door and who’s been in your house. This is especially true if you have other smart home features, like cameras and smart appliances. You can also ensure that your hired help locked the doors on their way out.

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