No Touch Door Exit 2023

 No Touch Door Exit

  • “No Touch” trigger
  • Multi-coloured LEDs
  • Compatible with most existing access control systems
  • Quick to install in place of current ‘push to exit’ button
  • Adjustable operating distance

KSh3,500.00 KSh4,000.00

About No Touch Door Exit 2023

The No Touch Door Exit 2023 price in Kenya is Ksh 3,500. It is Ideal for hospitals, veterinary surgeries, and catering premises, the stainless steel no-touch door release exit button offers a hygienic solution to unlocking doors, allowing you to present your hand to the reader without making contact, for hands-free door control.

No Touch Door Exit
No Touch Door Exit


Having a touchless operation is crucial for environments where hygiene is critical, and this infra-red driven contactless exit button is an impressively low-cost solution.

The circular surround to the infra-red sensor hosts a ring of LED lights, which in ‘standby’ state glows red, drawing attention to the door release button, and switches to green as soon as a hand (or object) is presented within the defined range, indicating that the relay has switched, and the door release (or whatever you use this for), has been engaged/disengaged depending on your configuration.

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

The unit has been designed to fit into a standard single-gang way, and we also have available a surface-mount kit, should you wish to have it proud rather than flush fitting into the wall.

Contactless Metal No Touch Exit Button Switch proftech

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

Touchless Exit Button for Access Control System It is contacted Less Push Button for Door Opening

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

No Touch Exit Switch features;

  • The switch responds agilely and quickly. IP-55 industrial protection level…
  • No-touch to unlock avoid disease infection…
  • Detection range: 0.1 ~ 10 cm..
  • Used for Gate/Door/Exit/Automation control..
  • Led indicator: Power on, blue led on; hand close to the sensor area, red led on..

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

No Touch Door Exit 2023 information

Pattern Name: Infrared

Technical Details

Touchless switch stainless steel infrared sensor exit button for door access control
. No touch / Touch free Exit Sensor (Diffused Detection)
· Optical / Infrared Technology
· IP-55 Ingress Protection / SUS 304 Stainless steel Plate
· User friendly (Healthy protection)
·· Free from contagious diseases spread
· Detection range: 0.1 ~ 10 cm


Gate/Door/Exit/Automation control
·· High capacity of relay dry contact (3A/AC120V,DC30V)
· Normally open/Normally close/Common relay output
· Twin led indicators for sensor standby or approached :
(1) Sensor Standby: BLUE LED ON
(2) Visitors whom approached to the sensor in 10 cm : RED LED ON

This DC 12-24V touch exit release button switch offers a reliable design for your access control system.


-Dimensions: L70xW115(mm)
– Standard Structure: inductive to exit
– Input : DC12-24V
– Working current: 50mA
– Output Contact: NONCCOM

– Mechanical Life: 500000 tested
– Applicable categories: for 86 bottom box or hollow door installation
– Operating temp: -20Celsius – +50Celsius
– Suitable Humidity: 0-95% (relative humidity)
– Sensing distance: 5-15CM adjustable

– LED Indicator:

1)White LED indicator: Power OFF;

2)Blue LED indicator: Power ON (standby);

3)Green LED indicator: Power ON (sensation)
– Weight: 0.77kg/0.169lb/2071oz

Package Include: – 1 x Inductive Exit Release Button Switch – 1 x Installation Kit

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

IP68 Distance Adjustable Time Delay Adjustable Access control infrared sensor Exit Button Touchless Exit Switch Button

Product name Infrared Touchless No Touch  button
Size 30(L)*25(W)mm
Diameter 28mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Weight 0.03kg/pcs

IP68 Distance Adjustable Time Delay Adjustable Access control infrared sensor Exit Button No Touch Touchless Exit Switch Button

By taking away the need to physically press a button to release a door, you can lower the risk of germs and viruses to be passed on via person-to-surface contact. A low-cost, effective solution to hands-free door control.

Infrared detection activates the switch with just a hand being in proximity, without direct contact.

The system can be connected directly to an access control device to be used as an entry/exit button or installed as a standalone device.

No Touch Door Exit -BigTech CCTV

The built-in relay with timer is suitable to operate fail-secure and fail-safe locking devices. The bi-colored LED indicator gives visual verification of the device’s status.

The infra-red device detects movement within close range and automatically opens the connecting door.

Advantages of the No Touch Door Exit 2023

  • Multi-colored LEDs
  • Compatible with most existing access control systems
  • Quick to install in place of current ‘push to exit button
  • Adjustable operating distance

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